Life is one state transition after another

State Transition is an independent research project investigating how people cope with rapid change and increasing uncertainty.

I’m not a funded academic institution or a stodgy business consultancy. The research output is aimed primarily at helping individuals cope with the changing world. I’m just some guy trying to make sense of things, and sharing what I find along the way.

Current topics of interest:

  • What opportunities and dangers are presented by the rise of artificial general intelligence (AGI)? What does it mean for machines to be not only intelligent but creative?

  • How can software engineering organizations handle uncertainty more effectively?

  • How can workers create and implement an intentional and compelling career strategy in changing roles, companies, and industries?

  • What will the fallout of living after the largest bear market of all time be? How should we adjust our personal finance and career strategies?

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Thoughts on business, technology, and death


Senior frontend engineer in FinTech - writing about dealing with change & uncertainty at a personal and global level